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Leadership for the oil and gas industry

Reliability and speed of reaction.

Do you manufacture key components like those used in drill strings? If so, Weingärtner special machining centres would be a logical first choice. Why? Because fifty years of mechanical engineering experience add up to significant advantages, especially when reliability and a rapid reaction to your requirements are needed. In fact, clients throughout the oil and gas industry have been convinced by Weingärtner’s fresh know-how and highly innovative production solutions.

Cost-efficiency born of precision.

Drill string equipment is manufactured on the multi-product machining centre (mpmc), while single- and multi lobe rotors, stator cores for power sections (drilling motors) and progressive cavity pumps are produced cost efficiently on our vario machines.

Quality multiplied by compatibility. 

finish single and triple grinding and polishing machines treat the surfaces of both rotors and stator cores automatically. In addition, the multi-lobe profile check (mlpc) measurement machine furnishes first class quality monitoring. It is this interplay of know-how, software, tools and technologies that has the potential to raise both your productivity and sales revenues.