Plastic industry

This machine is equipped with a single grinding, polishing and buffing unit for the plastics industry. Special applications for applying the polishing paste achieve extraordinary surface qualities on the mechanically processed feed / extruder screws.

An additional benefit of the finish machine for the plastics sector is the rubber disk, which is profiled using a separate sharpening tool and adapted to the workpiece geometry. This disk can then be used to polish and buff flanks and radii in the most cost-effective way.


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Oilfield and Pump industry

For the oil field and PC - pump industry, Weingärtner developed its own triple head polishing unit in order to reduce cycle times for this type of part and create a clear competitive advantage for our customers.

In contrast to the very complex parts in the plastics industry, the consistent geometries on the Moineau rotors and stator cores for the oil field industry can be easily implemented for this type of application.

Furthermore, the machine package for the oil field industry can be extended to include a measuring unit for tactile and contactless measuring of Moineau parts. The measurement of the parts is completely integrated in the machining process and bidirectionally linked to weinCAD®.

Contact wheel

Screws and Moineau-shaped parts are polished on this machine using the multifunctional buffing unit and the polishing belt, contact wheel, or flapping wheel (also called "buffer"). Furthermore, additional units for polishing with solid disc are available, including a sharpening and profiling tool.

Quality control

If desired, the machine can also be supplied with an integrated measuring unit for tactile as well as contactless measurement of workpieces. The measurement parts are completely integrated in the machine process and bidirectionally linked to weinCAD®.