multi product machining center - mpmc

Precision in perfection.

Do you manufacture complex, precision components? If so, you are certain to be faced with the challenges posed by flexibility and exactitude. Challenges to which the Weingärtner horizontal multi task machining center mpmc (multi product machining center) for turning and milling offers the ideal response.

Cost efficiency as a strategy for success.

If you insist on customised solutions and machinery trimmed exactly to your requirements then the mpmc is what you have been looking for. It provides perfection for generator shafts, injection moulding cylinders and screws, extruder screws, crankshafts, landing gears, gas and steam turbine shafts, large compressor shafts, printing machine drums, steel plant rollers and other machined and milled components. Moreover, in Weingärtner you have a global partner for cost-efficiency and integrated manufacturing.



flexibility as speciality

If, in particular, you require large-scale capacity, with the Weingärtner mpmc you can be spoiled for choice. Models from the 600 to the 2000 series offer turning and milling diameters of up to 2,000mm and a maximum machining length of 15m.

The 80t challenge.

80t workpieces? No problem! With their stable design and high performance capability, mpmc machines can also handle over-dimensional workpieces with the utmost precision.

Part changes in record time.

No one wants to lose production time and the flexible pick-up system makes you even faster. Every mpmc machine is fitted with a pick-up system and a range of flexible storage options that allow you to raise the tempo when specific machining units have to be exchanged quickly and flexibly.

A competitive advantage.

Who doesn’t want to save time and money? mpmc centres makes such economies possible, as all their units are quickly available and can be changed in no time at all. This puts you on the pace and creates a clear competitive advantage.


Machining lengths of 1 to 15m (depending on the model)
Combined turning and milling head
Fully automatic, interchangeable units

mpmc assists during mechanical processing, thus providing the benefits of complete workpiece processing on a single machine.


Fully user-friendly.

The automatic tool changer operates on a hidden time basis. The tool is transported by an independently operating shuttle, which creates the advantage of tool exchanges in any longitudinal position.

Top productivity. Top availability.

Programming of the Siemens 840D controls takes place via weinCAD® or direct data inputs on the machine. The WMDS® diagnosis system and the CHECKitB4® emulation model guarantee maximum availability and productivity.

Comprehensive thinking. Comprehensive packages.

Complete solutions incorporate tool and processing technology, software solutions and cycles, personnel training and a global after sales services with no compromises made.

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