multi product machining center - mpmc

The mpmc is our pride and joy and our team of highly qualified engineers continually strive to improve and develop it further.

Since its conception, the mpmc with its integrated software package, has had such a high degree of customization potential that, although we still talk about a series, it really is a complete solution tailor-made to your specific and unique requirements. Be assured to receive a world-class, high-end machine that delivers on the Weingärtner promise.

This remarkable machine regularly sets new standards for complete horizontal machining of various types of complex components, including:

  • injection molding screws
  • extruder screws
  • turbo-generator shafts
  • gas- and steam turbine shafts

Precision, efficiency and versatility are just a few features this machine concept has to offer – a concept which increases the quality of a workpiece, at the same time reducing production costs.

The mpmc is a modular, inclined-bed turning & milling machine with efficient chip removal. The ergonomic design of the machine guarantees comfortable and safe operation. The wide base, the excellent guide ratio and the configuration of the guideways ensure stability and prevent vibration during operation, even under extreme cutting conditions.




Every major machine component has been designed with stringent safety features in mind. These aspects combined with the solid structure of the machine are crucial to meet the mpmc’s high performance expectations. The heavy machine bed achieves highly effective shock absorption and accuracy, even when operating under maximum load. The full working load is always centered to the base of the machine, thus preventing any vibrations from being transferred across critical components.


Due to the ergonomically well-engineered concept of these machines, the highest level of comfort is provided for the operators. Barrier-free access to the machining area for tool, and workpiece inspections is the prerequisite to eliminate accidents during daily operations on a machine tool.



The mpmc has earned its reputation as an innovative solution provider due to very specific integrated features, giving it the impressive ability to completely machine really complex workpieces. The aim is to produce at higher performance rates and with greater accuracy in comparison to similar machines on the market. Its efficient operation maximizes production output and keeps maintenance costs at a minimum.

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