Weingärtner is machining highly complex and highly accurate screw compressors on their first class machine series mpmc.

A major point is the machining of big compressors up to 1000 mm diameter, which instead of using big form tools are machined line per line along the helix. For roughing typically standard end millers with round inserts are used, for finishing full tungsten carbide end millers with many cutters to achieve a good surface also with high speed. This rotors are intended to be used without profile grinding and therefore with small tolerances.

Thanks to its in-house depth of production, Weingärtner produces all machine components itself. That, as well as the constant modernization of the manufacturing plant, the machining equipment and the high-precision measurement machines, guarantees that the required machining accuracy can be achieved. All main components are thoroughly vetted with finite element modeling, ensuring that they meet client requirements.

The machine's standard setup includes a rack and pinion drive with a well proven master-slave system on the Z axis.

The main spindle also, developed by Weingärtner, with its master-slave technology, allowing dynamic and reliable positioning and moving of the C axis, with variable preloading and no backlash. Thanks to these new methods, the mechanical connection to the pinions can be smoothed out via electronic compensation.

All Models using the unique and reliable Weingärtner friction B axis clamping. As with all Weingärtner turning and milling machines, the B axis can be continuously fixed in any angular position you like with a holding torque of 20,000 Nm. Weingärtner also needed to consider how to control temperature expansion, which directly affects the measuring systems.

Once again, Weingärtners technicians were able to develop a new concept alongside the water-cooled motors - a concept that functions so accurately like nothing else on the market!

Most important point to machine screw compressors is the Weingärtner software weinCad. This Software is able to calculate the machine pathes and CNC programs from the geometry with all the complications, also evaluation of measuring results by measuring of certain points in the machine or complete results of a measuring machine and possibilities of influence to the machining process from this feedback.

...we machine solutions!