Philosophy - Innovation through tradition

Innovation. A Weingärtner Tradition.

Machines are not built for markets, but by people and for people. Therefore, when machines are to be manufactured that are better customised, more cost-efficient and durable, people must possess vision. Accordingly, Weingärtner has always pursued the clear objective of making the exceptional its benchmark with the result that in the course of its fifty-year company history, it has repeatedly produced out of the ordinary machines.

Many talk about values. We implement them.

At first glance values such as diligence, commitment, craftsmanship and loyalty may appear somewhat old-fashioned. However, they have paid dividends and those that wish to grow need a solid base to build on. Weingärtner’s employees have regional roots, but they are also open-minded and willing to accept change in the form of fresh challenges and customer demands.

It is also openness and connectivity that facilitate the creation of new mechanical engineering benchmarks. While the interplay between regional ties, the company founder Friedrich Weingärtner and cosmopolitan perspectives has enabled both the dissemination of new know-how, Made in Kirchham, all over the world and the retention of a loyal and enthusiastic clientele.

Social responsibility sounds good. Its realisation sounds even better. 

Social responsibility with regard to both its workforce and its surroundings constitute a focal point of Weingärtner’s activities. The estimation of every individual and cooperation within a unique team form a rich source of success and new branch standards.

Not average. Exceptional. 

Are the challenges you face exceptional? In addition, do you wish to receive customer services that are more than just average, and as a rule do you have out of the box ideas? Then Weingärtner is the partner for you because it has no time for run of the mill solutions. What it estimates is highly efficient technology, which requires people that are able to think ahead and can be trusted. Consequently, Weingärtner customers possess an exceptionally reliable partner, but why not discover this for yourself?