Social engagement

Social engagement

What does social commitment mean? Help that is tangible, but unseen.

(Social. Regional!)

Our home, our fellow-citizens, our success. These three elements constitute the nourishing roots of our social involvement. Weingärtner firmly believes that only people with enthusiasm can create success and therefore it enables its entire workforce to participate in its jointly earned prosperity. It is the company’s wish that the commitment invested by every employee provide a return. Therefore, Weingärtner repeatedly participates in social projects, sponsors clubs, finances environmental protection efforts and aids persons in need.

Last activities from Weingärtner

Year 2018 - EUR 3,000 Contribution to the township Kirchham, social fund. The only means of the Social Fund is to aid those who are in need, where there is an urgent need for assistance despite the use of all public social and welfare funds.

Year 2018 - EUR 3,000 Contribution to the Catholic Parish Kirchham for charitable purposes