Aerospace. Propelled by passion.

Not just precise. Extremely precise. 

For over fifty years, Weingärtner has adhered to the maxim that precise is not exact enough. This is because the aerospace industry demands absolute precision, which means perfect exactitude. Accordingly, when complex components are to be manufactured with maximum precision, it is then that Weingärtner’s flexible turning and milling, multi product machining centers (mpmc) set new benchmarks.   

Not just special. Extremely special. 

If you have requirements that are not run-of-the-mill but special, then we are ready and waiting. Our machines manufacture your titanium and inconel workpieces exactly according to your specifications. Irrespective of whether helicopter drive shafts, landing gear, engine housings, turbine shafts or other turn and milled / milled and turned components are involved.     

Not just cost-efficient. Extremely cost-efficient. 

Multi product machining centers (mpmc) come in a range of sizes, all of which are impressive. Depending on the model, the 600 to 2,000 series offer a maximum turning and milling diameter of 2,000 mm and a maximum machining length of 15,000 mm. Stable design and high-performance machining units furnish you with fresh room for manoeuvre, as workpieces weighing as much as 80,000 kg, or with exceptionally large dimensions can be processed with extreme precision. 

Not just flexible. Extremely flexible.

Every machine model convinces owing to a flexible pick-up system and diverse storage options. Advantages derive from the fact that machining units can be exchanged at the flick of a wrist, which allows a highly flexible response to customer demands. Indeed, the rapid availability of all units and short exchange times furnish you with a decisive competitive advantage.