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Our weakness for perfection is our strength.

For many years, pump industry customers have appreciated Weingärtner’s know-how and investigative spirit. Around the world, Weingärtner special machine centres cut quite a dash, manufacturing top quality, key components for the production of progressive cavity pumps.

Our success? Your success!

The Weingärtner vario machine series is employed for the manufacture of single- and double-lobe rotors, as well as single- and treble-lobe stator cores for progressive cavity pumps (PCPs). Accordingly, vario has captured the hearts of customers around the globe, which is fortunate, as Weingärtner is fully aware that their success is also its success.

Hand in hand. One-stop-shopping packages.

finish, a single and triple grinding and polishing machine, enables the automatic machining of stator core and rotor surfaces. Moreover, for reasons of economy, a multi-lobe profile check (mlpc) machine is ideal for final quality checks. Accordingly, Weingärtner customers receive stable, high-precision machines that combine know-how, software, tools and proven technology, all on a one-stop-shopping basis.

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