finish polishing & grinding machine

Polished profitability.

What are the benefits of using a grinding and polishing machine? Quite simply, it accelerates and completes the second rotor, stator and screw machining phase. This know-how package combines multifunctional polishing units with the weinCAD® module for polishing, spiral grinding and measurement.

Profiling and optimising.

One feature for genuine plastics industry success is the equipping of the machine with a grinding and polishing unit. Special devices for the application of the polish paste to screws provide exceptional quality, while the solid material disk profiles the geometry of the workpieces to perfection using its own take-off fixture. Moreover, the disk facilitates the highly cost-efficient grinding of edges and radii.

All in all, this adds up to saved time, money and nerves.

Single. Treble.

Shorter cycle times and competitive advantages is the motto and for the oilfield industry, the special development of the treble grinding unit represents a genuine USP, as it reduces time, energy and financial expenditure. The uniform geometries of the Moineau rotors and stator cores make this special application highly attractive to oilfield companies and therefore particularly successful.

Contactless measurement is a perfect addition.

The tailor-made package for the oilfield industry can be supplemented by a measurement device, which provides the tactile and contactless measurement of Moineau components. The results are then integrated into the machine process and linked bi-directionally using weinCAD®. The polishing of bolts and Moineau design parts takes place using a grinding belt and contact or fan disk in a multifunctional polishing unit (buffing).