pick up

The new pick up

Optimised. Perfected. Completed.

What epitomises the new generation of Weingärtner machines? Quite simply the fact that it improves the cost-efficient, complete machining of feed-, extrusion and injection moulding screws. At Weingärtner, brainwaves produce fresh ideas, which in turn solve problems and enhance customer success. The end-result? There is nothing average about Weingärtner.

Systematic. Advanced. Thinking. The pick up.

The new pick up machining centre represents the systematic further development of the pick up classic machine series, which has proven so successful in the plastics industry. pick up facilitates the production of complete screw geometries and once again demonstrates Weingärtner’s weakness; a weakness for perfection.

Clear. Concentrated. Customer-oriented. 

Customers set Weingärtner a challenge and its team responded with persistence. They asked themselves how the cost efficiency of the production of “small” screws with diameters of up to 150mm and “big” screws with diameters of up to 400mm could be optimised? And the result proved convincing, as customers are now using the new pick up worldwide.

The concept:

In the new pick up concept, Weingärtner has linked both proven and innovative mpmc technology. Consequently, the machine employs a blend of the tried and tested cutting concept used in the pick up classic machine series, with prism jaw steadies, a stable headstock and tailstock, in combination with the powerful and flexible machining technology of the mpmc turning and milling centre.

The result:

A high-performance milling and optional turining machining centre for the complete processing of plastic screws.


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