Extremely precise. Extremely flexible. Extremely profitable.

vario machines meet the demands of the pump and oil industries to perfection. Around the globe, the vario represents a guarantee of the successful production of single- and multi-lobe rotors and stator cores, not merely since yesterday, but for the past four decades.

Variable. More variable. vario.

The vario is the epitome of maximum flexibility. In one or several passes, vario machines peel rotors and stator cores for the pump industry. In addition, the machines excel in the point radius milling of multi-lobe rotors and stator cores for the mud motors employed in the oilfield industry.

vario times five.

vario machines are available in five sizes and can thus handle any diameter range. They combine single- and double-lobe peeling and point radius milling in a single machine and also provide the stability and precision that customers are seeking. Moreover, encapsulation ensures safety and cleanliness.


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